Two-Way Radio Communication Systems
Confined Area Radio Communication
Camera Security Systems

ATAKOM is a technology company that provides international brands with highest quality products in the field of Telecommunication Communication and Security Systems with the experience of 30 years since 2005. The very basic vision of Atakom is customer satisfaction and providing services by experienced, dynamic and efficient personnel by producing fast and economical solutions according to their needs.

We have taken our place in the sector with the aim of providing services in the light of current technological developments by producing more rational and lasting solutions in developing telecommunication systems. Within the scope of projects, sale after sale service of radio communications for tunnels, miners, energy groups, port and air transport, power stations, shopping malls, buildings and parking lots, public habitats, parks, metro systems, bridges and highways, train lines, and after-sales communication needs are offered.

In the field of Security Systems, we continue our operations in the domestic market with both software and hardware services with the principle of not focusing on sales but focusing on solutions.